The Acoustic Artist ? Biography Of David Ell

David Ell is Scotland newest acoustic artist taking audiences all over the country by storm. With his debut album and talented band, he is sure to see stardom come his way. However the story behind this acoustic artist means there is much more to David Ell than meets the eye.

This singer and songwriter was born in Sheffield, but when young, David?s family moved to Scotland and he spend his early years growing up in Falkland, a small village in Fife. David had grown up with a passion for music but his strong talents in education overtook where he went to achieve a first class degree in law at Edinburgh University. This success reassured David that anything he puts his mind to, he can achieve and even though he had never ignored his love for raw music, it made him determined to concentrate on that part of his life. His unique talent for song writing has led him to not only write and play all of his own songs but also to create piano and music scores for use in films and TV.

With his band in tow, David Ell is currently playing and singing in local and national gigs to hundreds of new fans that have been made aware of David?s music through the many music and social networking site David communicates through. Unlike many acoustic artists, David recognises the need for internet to communicate with audiences and has employed many online networking resources such as MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Twitter, to name but a few. It shows through the use of his online marketing, that David really cares about connecting to people far and wide. His dedicated band have been play together for many years and consists of Chris the drummer, Deano the bass player, Dan who plays the guitar and also sings vocals and Rachel who does the backing vocals and percussion. However David also does solo acoustic sets which gives him variety and adaptability.

Furthermore David Ell?s talent is show in his debut album Wreckingball. This album captures the feelings and passion of the singer and songwriter with acoustic songs that are of dark, brooding and powerful. The album contains a subtle arrangement of acoustic guitar songs and piano lead melodies reflecting heavily on themes of loss of innocence, faith and love.

If you are looking to experience the soulful, unique and truly moving music of David Ell, or to see when there are gigs in Glasgow, visit his official website at .

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