Architecture and Acoustics: Stunning Music Venues in the Canaries

 Travel & Tourism The Canary Islands might be best known for their beautiful white-sand beaches and all-year-round good weather, but their magnificence goes far beyond that. Indeed, the Canaries feature a selection of unique music venues that are waiting to be discovered by the intrepid explorer. From a mythological cave with nearby resorts in Lanzarote to a crazy concrete hall in Tenerife, you won’t be left wanting for musical displays. Below we’ll look through three of the very best musical venues you won’t want to miss on your next holiday. Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Gran Canaria Lighthouses would once have been used solely for protecting voyaging ships in the region, but this impressively restored one has a new priority as a home for fantastic music. The reinvigorated seaside structure now houses an extraordinary auditorium which is the centre for countless musical performances throughout the year. Accommodation is available in the city of Las Palmas to the west of this imposing structure. Being inside the lighthouse is a truly unique experience, with the original glass dome a striking feature at its centre. Concerts ranging from orchestras to operas are performed here through all seasons.

San Jameos Cueva de los Verdes, Lanzarote If you thought a lighthouse was a remarkable place to house a concert hall, wait until you’ve heard about this particular delight. San Jameos Cueva is a former smugglers cave that is now home to a music hall like no other. The natural acoustics of this cave give perfect harmony to the performances, while the dramatic surroundings are visually arresting to the viewer. Notably, lighting has been carefully constructed to provide an almost surreal experience for attendees. Music fans of all persuasions are welcome here with numerous different acts performing every week. In particular, visitors are recommended to come for the local traditional music nights, when the culture of the islands can be enjoyed in truly astonishing surroundings. There are plenty of nearby resorts in Lanzarote that make a perfect base for music-loving holidaymakers who wish to explore this very special venue. Adan Martin Auditorio de Tenerife, Tenerife Many commentators call this music venue the 'Sydney Opera House of Europe” and it's easy to see why. The building follows similar architectural principles of sweeping curves all while following strict uniformity. In many ways, it is as though a series of waves have leapt out of the sea and been solidified in concrete all at once. This music hall is once again dedicated to a plurality of tastes, shown in the sheer mix of genres provided throughout the year.

If you’re unlucky enough not to find a perfomance you’re interested in while you’re visiting (and that would be very unlucky!) then a guided tour of the theatre is available during daylight hours. This is highly recommended to anyone interested in learning the thoughts of the architect through a knowledgeable local expert and also to admire the expanse of the concert hall itself. All these unique music venues provide yet another reason why the Canary Islands should be your next holiday destination. The beauty of the region and its fabulous resorts in Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Tenerife are just waiting to be discovered. Author Plate John Dixon is an experienced world traveller and the Managing Director of Prestige Holidays. For over 30 years, he has been providing holidays to luxury resorts in Lanzarote, Bermuda, Croatia and many other destinations around the globe. John tries to visit each of the destinations regularly in order to ensure the quality of his properties, and stay up-to-date about the latest local news and events. He has a taste for the finer things in life and has an interest in arts, history and culture.

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In March 2017, former LA recording studio executive Nick Bogden and I formed a musical ensemble. Our original concept was to create a jazz / swing combo; however, the kind of a band one gets depends on the musicians who answer the call. For the case at hand, reality dictated a vintage rock band; a group that began with a two-fold vision: 1) have fun, and 2) be inclusive. The only rules were: regular attendance at weekly rehearsals; and show up prepared. In the main, the players adhered to those rules, and always enjoyed each other’s company. Synergy was excellent. Most recruits were experienced country and/or rock musicians, but couldn’t read music; and relied instead on following chord progressions. The plan was keep-it-simple; i.e., stay away from complicated musical arrangements. With guidance provided by the keyboardist and original bassist, the strategy worked well. We did have fun, and included almost anyone who could make a contribution. The band was locally popular and in demand. We were dubbed as A BAND WITH NO NAME by guitarist Jan Polansky. By-and-by, a few conflicts developed, which ultimately resulted in other musical groups being formed. I always counted that as a plus; the more music, the better—at least that’s the way I look at the world. Not everything was easy, however. Including vocalists, the band typically played with 10 members. To have nine to 10 ready to play, the roster ballooned to 22. We had to cover work incidences, neglected wives, family vacations, snowbirds, etc. It wasn’t an easy task to have the band ready to perform at (almost) any time. Part of the rotation included four drummers, and a half dozen bass players. Still, we managed to keep continuity, thanks in large part to the foresight of those who advocated the keep-it-simple strategy. Fast forward to the second half of May 2018. We played three gigs during that period, the last being May 27. Those of us in the band had one heck-of-a-lot of fun, and so did the audience. A neighborhood café asked the band to appear once a month for the rest of the year during a Friday happy hour. Everything was upbeat and positive. Then it happened: May 30 was our final rehearsal. A BAND WITH NO NAME pulled up stakes—at least for a time. Odd how the geometry of the universe seems to align and affect worldviews of individuals. The end wasn’t a day-to-night occurrence. It was like dusk sneaking up on a cat. Here’s what happened: We did not have the usual planned playlist for what was to be the last session. Coming off from three gigs in less than three weeks, we decided to kick back, relax, and work on a few songs our vocalists wanted to perfect. Five songs into the rehearsal, the band never sounded so good. We exchanged satisfied looks and took a break. There was no way to tell what would follow. But before I finish the story, let me describe what was to become the “dusk’ furtively sneaking up on A BAND WITH NO NAME. You see, Nick and I never let go of our original vision of forming a jazz band. In November 2017, darned if we didn’t collect a group of excellent musicians who are terrific sight readers (of musical charts) who wanted to play jazz. (I call this group the LOUNGE LIZARDS until they come up with something better.) Some charts were purchased; and the drummer, a former music teacher who can play anything, also began arranging for the combo, writing the parts for all instruments. The jazz pianist, with 12 years of classical training, was (coincidentally) also the main vocalist for A BAND WITH NO NAME. She had been unhappy for months at the rock band’s performance behind her vocals. Another female vocalist was also less than content. She has a long resume of west coast band performance, and international chorale experience. The jazz bass player, who also plays guitar, classical guitar, and classical piano, occasionally subbed in the rock band on bass and guitar. He was on lead guitar for the rock band that fateful night. There you have it: oil and water. Self-taught chord players on one side and we-can-play-anything chart-reading musicians on the other. There’s a bar in the same building as the rehearsal venue. After the five aforementioned songs, a number of patrons sought me out during the break. They wondered why A BAND WITH NO NAME sounded better than usual. It looked like we had achieved a breakthrough of sorts. Before the band started up again, the guitar player, the bass—a pro I brought in for the session—the drummer, and the female vocalists started a so-called complicated jam tune that turned into Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. It sounded freaking terrific! The leader was miffed, and began packing up his keyboard—WHAT? The music stopped, and a meeting was convened about how to approach sessions going forward. There seemed to be accord until the keep-it-simple edict was reinforced. That was the impasse. The chord progression side wanted to continue as always, but the players from the jazz band wanted to explore new, more complicated charts. Everyone packed up 20 minutes before the end of the session, and left. Frustrated, I resigned that very night. The nucleus of A BAND WITH NO NAME remains, but they decided to take some time off before considering whether or not to reconvene. I hope they return although neither Nick nor I will be with them. Meanwhile, five of the jazz players have joined the female vocalists from A BAND WITH NO NAME, and a studio bass player to form a new jazz-rock fusion band called, ESTRELLA MOUNTAIN BAND. The LOUNGE LIZARDS will continue as usual. Although EMB and the LIZARDS will gig separately, they may on occasion play together as a combined band. The future looks exciting for those musicians. Unlike A BAND WITH NO NAME, these men and women are all jazz, classical, and concert trained musicians with long resumes of accomplishment. However, as an ensemble will they be able to add the intangible fun factor that the band that spawned them did? With that in mind, this is a warning for EMB: Musical competence can only take you so far. If you cannot connect with an audience, and draw them in you may not be remembered. ENTERTAINMENT is the key. The legacy of A BAND WITH NO NAME is rich. As the original band from our community, they spawned four other bands: 1) JaZmin, a soft jazz trio; 2) Country Reign, a country band; 3) the Lounge Lizards; and 4) Estrella Mountain Band. Since they started the musical renaissance, my hope is that they recharge their batteries, and come back stronger than ever. By Gene Myers, broken-down pianist, rookie trombonist, BUT excellent on slide whistle, and old man nose whistling. (Also working on backwards yodeling.)

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Radio Promotion by the World’s No1 Award Winning Radio Promotion Company Radio Pluggers used by Macy Gray Sony Music Amii Stewart and Paul Carrack.

When you have a really great song and it’s time to make the jump from studio to radio, picking the right radio promotion company is key to the success of breaking a song

Radio Pluggers deliver new music to over 30,000 radio station contacts worldwide. They provide an unparalleled level of promotion not just throughout the USA by worldwide.

They have a stringent vetting process and only work on radio-friendly songs of the highest quality, that’s why they are the only company that guarantees radio airplay and radio interviews for their artists.

If you have a great song and want to give it the best chance of success Radio Pluggers are a cut above the rest. Having been awarded best radio promotion company for the last 3 years running.

They also provide distribution to the top 44 stores and streaming sites. Full chart registration in the USA UK Canada Ireland and Australia. Additional services also include YouTube music video promotion and Spotify playlist placements as well.

Radio pluggers pride themselves as the number one radio and press promotion company when you’re looking for connections in the United States or the UK. One thing that the company offers that makes it different from most is the creation of a personalized musician’s profile for all their artists, which can then be sent to their wide variety of contacts. The company boasts over 30,000 verified radio and press contacts worldwide, with over 11,000 in the United States, and around 3,000 in the UK. According to the company, these contacts ” are able to easily, quickly and directly, at a click of a button, listen to and download new releases for broadcast, click straight through to watch YouTube videos of new singles, read full biographies, visit artist’s social media and contact them directly, for interview requests.” Radio Pluggers also sends out bi-weekly reports to their clients to show them those who have listened to their songs as well as those stations who have downloaded their songs for broadcast.

They send press releases for every 6-week radio campaign they have worked on that are published on over 240 news networks worldwide, including Google News and affiliates of NBC FOX USA Today to name but a few which is incredibly powerful stuff. They even send the artists a report with links to each and every published article about their music. this really is a step up and incredible exposure for the client.

If you’re also considering boosting streams and music video promotions on YouTube, the company is specialized in that and has specialized offers to help users get what they want.

On their website, they also list some of their top clients including Sony Music, Amii Stewart, Sean Kingston, Paul Carrack and many others.

Radio Pluggers build bespoke Musician’s Profiles that they send out to radio stations and press contacts for every campaign. Radio Stations can easily, quickly, and directly at a click of a button, listen to and download new tracks for broadcast, click straight through to watch YouTube videos of new singles, read full biographies and visit artists’ social media.

So if you’re looking to break a record in the USA or further afield Radio Pluggers is, without doubt, the best choice when it comes to radio promotion and covering all bases to ensure the success of your campaign.

Visit to find out more about what they can do



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iTunes Marketing

 Business,Business News beyond CD/DVD Replication: Are you up to date in the current era? Announcing digital distribution, Marketing Services that includes Itunes marketing, Branding, Media, SEO, submitting materials to Neilsen SoundScan, CMJ/Billboard Radio promotions, DJ Spins Promotions, Press releases and more. To test drive our services you can visit: and get a percentage off your first order using this link: We have the right solution for businesses, musicians, Filmmakers, Authors, Developers and alike that want to increase sales, branding and a have cost-effective digital delivery. Musicians can test services at two locations. Visit: or were a musician purchase a package starting from $5. creates custom packages to meet our client needs and within their budget.

Clients can download from 2,000 location. With Google play store, Itunes, Spotify, tidal, SoundCloud, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others Imastercopy is ideal to provide end results. still does provide CD, DVD, USB Duplication and Replication services as needed. Along with our long-time IT Services, web content development, and Design/Printing services. If you have a product that requires a collection of royalties, our company can assist therefore one doesn't miss out earnings. is here to assist with the new overcrowded marketplace and have products/services found accordingly. Digital Distribution, Marketing, branding, duplication, printing, and backing IT Services is a part of our catalog. Visit: for more information on services.

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Lay the Proper Foundation for a Strong Singing Voice

Those who attend vocal classes in London do so to lay the proper foundation for a strong singing voice. Once you have understood that it is not going to happen overnight and you will need to put in a stupendous amount of hard work to get that stupendous voice; you know you are on the right track. Singing is a skill and once you've learned that skill, you can do it without too much thought. With some solid training and understanding you too can develop a voice which people will compliment you on all the time. When you join such classes under a great singing teacher like Ken Tamplin, he can show you exactly how to sing better.

Such a teacher would transform the most ordinary people with mediocre singing skills into great singers on the basis of his sound methods of instruction and nurturing style. Why just in London , you can get world class voice training in UK if you sign up for singing lessons at the Ken Tamplin Voice Academy . What does it mean to sing a loud powerful note as opposed to a note of medium volume? Well, it is really a matter of intensity. If your vocal chords can hold a stronger push of air pressure back for longer, it produces a sound wave of higher intensity, which means a note at higher volume.

You need to train and strengthen the tiny muscles that coordinate your vocal chords rather than your diaphragm to be able to hold down more air, for longer. That is how vocal power is produced. Just a few months of regular practice with the right exercises and you will have re-programmed your voice so it can sing with great power, range, and excellent tone. Poor teaching methods might lead to a singer working for years on his/her singing range, yet only being able to add a few notes. You can avoid this if you understand that once your sound has been created at the vocal cords, it will move up in the spaces in your throat, mouth, and head. As the sound resonates through these spaces, it changes tone quality depending on the proportion of each cavity.

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When Is A Good Age To Start Learning Music?

The Kodaly Method is an approach to music education, developed in Hungary by the Hungarian composer and educator Zoltan Kodaly.

In order for a child to realise his or her full potential, it is necessary that he or she begin musical training at an early age. Kodaly emphasised that children must learn to read music at the same time as they learn to read language. Kodaly felt that children between ages three and seven are most sensitive to music, and therefore good musical instruction is crucial at this time if the musical ear is to be fully developed. Kodaly recommended that musical training begin no later than in Kindergarten and the primary grades.

Also central to the Kodaly Method is the philosophy that, as a child naturally learns his mother tongue before learning foreign languages, so should he learn his musical mother tongue, that is, the folk music of his native language, before learning foreign music. Kodaly believed that the use of native folk music is most valuable in helping children develop basic music skills because of its familiarity to children through real-life musical experiences .

He felt that children are more sensitive to art than adults, and would therefore only reach their full potential through the use of the finest music. Kodaly claimed that exposure to the inferior 'educational music' used in schools as a child would prevent one from being able to appreciate high-quality music as an adult.

A child's brain goes through a process of developing and maturing, its weight almost tripling by the age of three. A baby's brain is very fragile until it becomes covered with myelin, a substance that insulates the brain. When a baby has been profusely shaken, it can actually shake the brain around in the skull and damage areas of the brain (Shaken Baby syndrome). While synapses are continuing to develop during the first year, the brain builds the potential to learn. During the first three years, the brain is storing information and memories that will be the foundation for future learning. If this foundation is blemished, or stifled, it can affect the entire life span of the child.

Knowledge on the early development of the brain informs us that during the first few years of a child's life, extreme nurture and care must be given for their future development. Exposing young children to musical sounds, lullabies and rhymes assists in this development. Hearing music is a sensory experience. Music has a soothing effect on an infant's mood.

More articles can be found at

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Biography Of Rihanna

As many of you know, Rihanna is a R&B singer. Lots of people classify her as a dance hall singer. Rihanna has become more famous then she has ever imagined. She got in the scene of entertainment very fast. Rihanna was born in the beautiful island of Barbados in 1987. When she was young, she started singing to her family and friends, just for plain entertainment.

Rihanna got involved in Music in her early teens. On one special day, a very good friend of Rihanna told her, she knew a producer called Evan Rogers, so she went and took Rihanna to him. He ask her to sing any song she wanted and Evan Rogers was very surprised on Rihanna?s talent. Immediately after that, they worked on demos that had more then 11 tracks. They mailed out the demos to many recording companies, which one of them was Def Jam Recordings, and they were the ones who gave Rihanna a chance to make it big.

Shane Carter, but most know him as ?Jay Z?, was also surprised on the talent of Rihanna. He immediately started recording her LP disc. Not only did Rihanna sing the notes, but she wrote lots of them to. Since then, she has gone to various radio stations. Rihanna said she is inspired by lots of artist like Beyonce Knowles, and Mariah Carey. As time passes, she is going to get more famous, and people are going to have the opportunity of hearing her amazing

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The History Of Printed Sheet Music

The history of modern sheet music, at least in the West, can be appropriately begun with the advent of the printing press in the middle of the 15th century. Until this time, music had been handwritten and generally preserved in large, bound volumes of manuscripts. The shift from handwritten to machine-printed did not occur overnight, and much music continued to exist solely in manuscripts until well into the 18th century. However, no one will argue that just as the printing press changed the history of the written word, so it also altered the course of sheet music.

The first printed book to include music was the Mainz psalter, a collection of psalms, and it was printed in 1457 by Johann Fust and Peter Shoffer. However, these gentlemen had not yet managed to figure out how to print music using movable type, the result being that the musical notation was added in by hand. It was not until 1473 that the first machine-printed book was produced, and it was still a long and laborious process and the result was less than perfect. Improvements continued to be made, however, and in 1501 the Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A, which contained 96 pieces of clean, readable music, was printed. It required three passes through the printing press, but it was still a step forward. This process was later reduced to two passes and finally, in 1520, to a single pass.

The printing press, as mentioned, had an unprecedented effect on the written word, and its affect upon written music was similar. Beginning in the early 16th century, sheet music could be spread faster, more efficiently, and to more people than ever before. Professionals had a much wider array of music at their disposal. Amateur musicians suddenly had better access to affordable music. This had the affect of creating a much wider pool of amateur musicians, who the professionals could then teach and thereby earn a livelihood. The entire music industry of the Renaissance Period was affected, and the industry of printed sheet music was permanently established.

Of course, in the early years of printed sheet music, its distribution was certainly limited by its cost. And in many places, the right to print music was granted by the monarch, which meant that a printer had to gain special dispensation in order to produce sheet music. Nevertheless, the industry of printing sheet music snowballed over the next few centuries and by the 1800s, it was everywhere, the dominant force in the music industry.

In the United States, sheet music gained importance due to the unfortunate pervasiveness of "blackface" theatre. Around the same time, parlor music exploded in popularity and every middle class home needed a piano and the sheet music that went with it. It was not until the advent of the phonograph in the early 20th century that that sheet music began to lessen in importance. The invention of the radio in the 1920s furthered the trend and eventually, the record industry replaced sheet music publishers as the music industry's most influential force.

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Buying The Best Deal In Used Guitars

Probably the most popular type of instrument for starting out musicians is the guitar. How can it not be? Children these days are raised on the music of the guitar, from Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page to Kurt Cobain, Kirk Hammett and Jack White.

The guitar is something that so many people play, that there is a surplus of guitars all over the world for kids to try their hands out on.While not the easiest instrument to use, it is certainly not the hardest. For this reason, millions of kids in North America and around the world take up the guitar, about the time many take up the piano, because it has proven to be so popular.

This then creates a problem for parents because often the price of guitars is not low, and that means many families have to choose between paying for the guitars and encouraging the growth of their musical child, or not buying the instrument that may result in a lost opportunity for the child, and the family. So what can a family do?

Well, the best thing they can do is to buy a used guitar. A used guitar is not something that is going to be dinged and barely playable, but will in fact be an excellent training tool for your child to try out their musical gift on.Buying a used guitar has many benefits to it that parents need to look at.

First of all, there is the cost. Used guitars cost much, much less than other new types of guitars. Often, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a new guitar, but only $100 or less for used guitars. These savings mean that you will have a much easier chance getting a guitar for your son or daughter to begin training on.

Second, there is a risk your child may bore of the guitar and stop playing it. If this happens, you are on the hook for a lot of money with a new guitar and if you sell it, you are looking at a huge loss. However, with a used guitar from a pawn shop, you pay little for it and you will not worry about breaking the bank when it only cost you $75. Then, if your child stops playing, you sell it at another pawn shop for $50 to $100, and you are no worse for wear. If the child does not bore of the guitar and begins to love it, then you can think about trading that guitar in for a newer and better one.

Used guitars are very popular among parents because they allow them to encourage their children to try musical hobbies that may benefit them later in life. They cost less, they don't force you to hope your child does not bore of them, and they can be traded in for the same cost when you do get rid of it. For any parent, used guitars are the best option.

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Interactive Video Guitar Lessons: The Quick Way To Really Master Playing The Guitar With Ease!

Anyone serious about learning how to play the guitar better probably has at least one of two musicians they really admire. If you've ever wondered how really excellent guitar players develop their skills quickly, then you'll be surprised to know that the little secret that has made so many people successful guitar players literally overnight is in your grasp: interactive video guitar lessons.

If you're just hearing about interactive guitar lessons, you might be a little skeptical when it comes to the actual effectiveness of this learning method. However, there's several key reasons why video guitar lessons are a superior way to master the guitar over other ways to learn the guitar. First, the largest benefit that comes from interactive video lessons is the ability to actually see the teacher while they're playing the guitar. Just reading notes is not enough to truly master the guitar; knowing where to place your body as well as how to place your fingers is also important in developing the smoothest and richest sound possible.

Another benefit that video guitar lessons bring to the table is that they open the door for you to improve your guitar skills quickly anywhere you feel inspired. After all, you never know where the inspiration to get better at playing your guitar will strike, and a set of interactive video guitar lessons lets you truly grow your guitar skills quickly anywhere you can watch video. In fact, you could load up your video guitar lessons on your laptop and go out to a park or an outdoor garden to create an isolated environment that lets you just focus on your music.

An isolated environment doesn't have to be a complete vacuum, however; in fact, the interactive portion of your new guitar lessons will usually be filled with questions that are designed to not only test your current guitar skills, but help you stay challenged and motivated to learn more and more about your chosen instrument.

It's important to mention that the major reason behind interactive video guitar lessons being the best way to really master the guitar is that you get the perfect blend of classroom and self-pacing. If you ever get stuck during a specific lesson, you can always replay that lesson until you have it mastered and then move on. Compare that to a classroom, where the music teacher often does not have time to stay on one subject too long before having to move forward. If you are a newcomer to the guitar, video guitar lessons will be one of the smartest investments you can make; you'll catch up with more experienced guitar players in no time due to being able to focus so deeply on one aspect of guitar playing before moving on to another aspect.

All things considered, interactive guitar lessons are a great way to grow your skills quickly. A good interactive guitar lesson course will unlock the potential you have inside yourself for total mastery of the guitar in no time at all -- get started today!

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