The Ipod Add Ons – Ecosystem

With the popularity of the iPod exploding, this has led to an explosion in the iPod add on market. There are new companies as well as older companies that have got into the business of finding and making new iPod add ons. And as you could imagine this business is booming. Since there are so many IPods around you have to find a way to change their appearance. This will allow everyone to know which IPod is theirs and also makes each IPod cool. With all the accessories like docking stations, speakers and you can't forget headphones this has allowed each iPod user a way to customize and accessorize their iPod.

There are those who are the techies that find their own kind of upgrades that allow for power boosting, that a recharging and plug-ins. This iPod add on business is quite large. There are hundreds of companies that have joined the market. This business made nearly a $1,000,000,000 a year with online sales. A lot of that was spent in the hardware arena.

There are clothing lines that have pockets that will fit the various generations of IPods end this business is doing well also. Then there are belts and straps that allow the iPod user to fasten their IPods two either their arms or wrist. Now you have to remember that the IPods is nothing without content.

Products and suppliers

The online suppliers provide videos, music and other types of content to download to the IPods and its related content carriers. The newest generation IPods, fifth generation, has a video component and 20 GB hard drive that really expands the type of content that you can download. Some add ons that everyone can use are like calendars, comics and small programs. There are some entrepreneurs that have become information suppliers.

The special needs of the iPod user is being met by online downloads. There are iPod add ons, that will direct you to places to eat. For example, say you are an New York City you can be assisted with a downloadable utility called piPod, this works with google maps to help direct the hungry IPod user to the closest pizza place. This one utility reviews different restaurants in all of the five boroughs and was downloaded more than 1300 times the first year. Another universal iPod and on is the pocket bar and grill that allows the iPod to have hundreds of recipes for mixed drinks and gourmet dishes.

There is another iPod add on called the wiPod which shows the availability of wi-fi hot spots for an area that you choose. Just select the state and download the iPod add on. Now while these iPod add ons are terrifically unexpected in their range, you have to remember that this is just the beginning. As more and more people begin to think about what they need the future capacity and the abilities of the iPod add ons is going to grow. As a necessity in today's world the iPod add ons will make the iPod the device as important as the air that we breathe and the water we drink.

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