Computer In A Music Studio

Your computer is the main cog in the clockwork of a home studio. A slow or outdated computer can lead to latency issues, the inability to run current professional audio-editing software, small insufficient RAM, no hard-drive space to put your gigantic .wavs and multiple MP3s on and much more. A computer running on windows may crash, leaving all unsaved date gone from existence and even some saved date corrupted and therefore gone. The pros about a windows computer is that most multi-track software and other programs you may want to add only works for windows. Mac and Linux both run on the highly stable platform of Unix, so a crash is less likely to happen. Actually on since Mac OS X (OS 10) has mac been running on Unix, so make that a consideration. The con about Linux and Mac are that the audio programs you love so much and heard about may not be able to run on these systems or ever (think Adobe Audition).


- Windows 2000 or above, Mac OS 9 or above
- 400MHz Processor (.4 gig)
- 256mb RAM
- CD Burner
- 40 gig Hard Drive

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