Lay the Proper Foundation for a Strong Singing Voice

Those who attend vocal classes in London do so to lay the proper foundation for a strong singing voice. Once you have understood that it is not going to happen overnight and you will need to put in a stupendous amount of hard work to get that stupendous voice; you know you are on the right track. Singing is a skill and once you've learned that skill, you can do it without too much thought. With some solid training and understanding you too can develop a voice which people will compliment you on all the time. When you join such classes under a great singing teacher like Ken Tamplin, he can show you exactly how to sing better.

Such a teacher would transform the most ordinary people with mediocre singing skills into great singers on the basis of his sound methods of instruction and nurturing style. Why just in London , you can get world class voice training in UK if you sign up for singing lessons at the Ken Tamplin Voice Academy . What does it mean to sing a loud powerful note as opposed to a note of medium volume? Well, it is really a matter of intensity. If your vocal chords can hold a stronger push of air pressure back for longer, it produces a sound wave of higher intensity, which means a note at higher volume.

You need to train and strengthen the tiny muscles that coordinate your vocal chords rather than your diaphragm to be able to hold down more air, for longer. That is how vocal power is produced. Just a few months of regular practice with the right exercises and you will have re-programmed your voice so it can sing with great power, range, and excellent tone. Poor teaching methods might lead to a singer working for years on his/her singing range, yet only being able to add a few notes. You can avoid this if you understand that once your sound has been created at the vocal cords, it will move up in the spaces in your throat, mouth, and head. As the sound resonates through these spaces, it changes tone quality depending on the proportion of each cavity.

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When Is A Good Age To Start Learning Music?

The Kodaly Method is an approach to music education, developed in Hungary by the Hungarian composer and educator Zoltan Kodaly.

In order for a child to realise his or her full potential, it is necessary that he or she begin musical training at an early age. Kodaly emphasised that children must learn to read music at the same time as they learn to read language. Kodaly felt that children between ages three and seven are most sensitive to music, and therefore good musical instruction is crucial at this time if the musical ear is to be fully developed. Kodaly recommended that musical training begin no later than in Kindergarten and the primary grades.

Also central to the Kodaly Method is the philosophy that, as a child naturally learns his mother tongue before learning foreign languages, so should he learn his musical mother tongue, that is, the folk music of his native language, before learning foreign music. Kodaly believed that the use of native folk music is most valuable in helping children develop basic music skills because of its familiarity to children through real-life musical experiences .

He felt that children are more sensitive to art than adults, and would therefore only reach their full potential through the use of the finest music. Kodaly claimed that exposure to the inferior 'educational music' used in schools as a child would prevent one from being able to appreciate high-quality music as an adult.

A child's brain goes through a process of developing and maturing, its weight almost tripling by the age of three. A baby's brain is very fragile until it becomes covered with myelin, a substance that insulates the brain. When a baby has been profusely shaken, it can actually shake the brain around in the skull and damage areas of the brain (Shaken Baby syndrome). While synapses are continuing to develop during the first year, the brain builds the potential to learn. During the first three years, the brain is storing information and memories that will be the foundation for future learning. If this foundation is blemished, or stifled, it can affect the entire life span of the child.

Knowledge on the early development of the brain informs us that during the first few years of a child's life, extreme nurture and care must be given for their future development. Exposing young children to musical sounds, lullabies and rhymes assists in this development. Hearing music is a sensory experience. Music has a soothing effect on an infant's mood.

More articles can be found at

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Biography Of Rihanna

As many of you know, Rihanna is a R&B singer. Lots of people classify her as a dance hall singer. Rihanna has become more famous then she has ever imagined. She got in the scene of entertainment very fast. Rihanna was born in the beautiful island of Barbados in 1987. When she was young, she started singing to her family and friends, just for plain entertainment.

Rihanna got involved in Music in her early teens. On one special day, a very good friend of Rihanna told her, she knew a producer called Evan Rogers, so she went and took Rihanna to him. He ask her to sing any song she wanted and Evan Rogers was very surprised on Rihanna?s talent. Immediately after that, they worked on demos that had more then 11 tracks. They mailed out the demos to many recording companies, which one of them was Def Jam Recordings, and they were the ones who gave Rihanna a chance to make it big.

Shane Carter, but most know him as ?Jay Z?, was also surprised on the talent of Rihanna. He immediately started recording her LP disc. Not only did Rihanna sing the notes, but she wrote lots of them to. Since then, she has gone to various radio stations. Rihanna said she is inspired by lots of artist like Beyonce Knowles, and Mariah Carey. As time passes, she is going to get more famous, and people are going to have the opportunity of hearing her amazing

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The History Of Printed Sheet Music

The history of modern sheet music, at least in the West, can be appropriately begun with the advent of the printing press in the middle of the 15th century. Until this time, music had been handwritten and generally preserved in large, bound volumes of manuscripts. The shift from handwritten to machine-printed did not occur overnight, and much music continued to exist solely in manuscripts until well into the 18th century. However, no one will argue that just as the printing press changed the history of the written word, so it also altered the course of sheet music.

The first printed book to include music was the Mainz psalter, a collection of psalms, and it was printed in 1457 by Johann Fust and Peter Shoffer. However, these gentlemen had not yet managed to figure out how to print music using movable type, the result being that the musical notation was added in by hand. It was not until 1473 that the first machine-printed book was produced, and it was still a long and laborious process and the result was less than perfect. Improvements continued to be made, however, and in 1501 the Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A, which contained 96 pieces of clean, readable music, was printed. It required three passes through the printing press, but it was still a step forward. This process was later reduced to two passes and finally, in 1520, to a single pass.

The printing press, as mentioned, had an unprecedented effect on the written word, and its affect upon written music was similar. Beginning in the early 16th century, sheet music could be spread faster, more efficiently, and to more people than ever before. Professionals had a much wider array of music at their disposal. Amateur musicians suddenly had better access to affordable music. This had the affect of creating a much wider pool of amateur musicians, who the professionals could then teach and thereby earn a livelihood. The entire music industry of the Renaissance Period was affected, and the industry of printed sheet music was permanently established.

Of course, in the early years of printed sheet music, its distribution was certainly limited by its cost. And in many places, the right to print music was granted by the monarch, which meant that a printer had to gain special dispensation in order to produce sheet music. Nevertheless, the industry of printing sheet music snowballed over the next few centuries and by the 1800s, it was everywhere, the dominant force in the music industry.

In the United States, sheet music gained importance due to the unfortunate pervasiveness of "blackface" theatre. Around the same time, parlor music exploded in popularity and every middle class home needed a piano and the sheet music that went with it. It was not until the advent of the phonograph in the early 20th century that that sheet music began to lessen in importance. The invention of the radio in the 1920s furthered the trend and eventually, the record industry replaced sheet music publishers as the music industry's most influential force.

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Buying The Best Deal In Used Guitars

Probably the most popular type of instrument for starting out musicians is the guitar. How can it not be? Children these days are raised on the music of the guitar, from Buddy Holly, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page to Kurt Cobain, Kirk Hammett and Jack White.

The guitar is something that so many people play, that there is a surplus of guitars all over the world for kids to try their hands out on.While not the easiest instrument to use, it is certainly not the hardest. For this reason, millions of kids in North America and around the world take up the guitar, about the time many take up the piano, because it has proven to be so popular.

This then creates a problem for parents because often the price of guitars is not low, and that means many families have to choose between paying for the guitars and encouraging the growth of their musical child, or not buying the instrument that may result in a lost opportunity for the child, and the family. So what can a family do?

Well, the best thing they can do is to buy a used guitar. A used guitar is not something that is going to be dinged and barely playable, but will in fact be an excellent training tool for your child to try out their musical gift on.Buying a used guitar has many benefits to it that parents need to look at.

First of all, there is the cost. Used guitars cost much, much less than other new types of guitars. Often, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for a new guitar, but only $100 or less for used guitars. These savings mean that you will have a much easier chance getting a guitar for your son or daughter to begin training on.

Second, there is a risk your child may bore of the guitar and stop playing it. If this happens, you are on the hook for a lot of money with a new guitar and if you sell it, you are looking at a huge loss. However, with a used guitar from a pawn shop, you pay little for it and you will not worry about breaking the bank when it only cost you $75. Then, if your child stops playing, you sell it at another pawn shop for $50 to $100, and you are no worse for wear. If the child does not bore of the guitar and begins to love it, then you can think about trading that guitar in for a newer and better one.

Used guitars are very popular among parents because they allow them to encourage their children to try musical hobbies that may benefit them later in life. They cost less, they don't force you to hope your child does not bore of them, and they can be traded in for the same cost when you do get rid of it. For any parent, used guitars are the best option.

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Interactive Video Guitar Lessons: The Quick Way To Really Master Playing The Guitar With Ease!

Anyone serious about learning how to play the guitar better probably has at least one of two musicians they really admire. If you've ever wondered how really excellent guitar players develop their skills quickly, then you'll be surprised to know that the little secret that has made so many people successful guitar players literally overnight is in your grasp: interactive video guitar lessons.

If you're just hearing about interactive guitar lessons, you might be a little skeptical when it comes to the actual effectiveness of this learning method. However, there's several key reasons why video guitar lessons are a superior way to master the guitar over other ways to learn the guitar. First, the largest benefit that comes from interactive video lessons is the ability to actually see the teacher while they're playing the guitar. Just reading notes is not enough to truly master the guitar; knowing where to place your body as well as how to place your fingers is also important in developing the smoothest and richest sound possible.

Another benefit that video guitar lessons bring to the table is that they open the door for you to improve your guitar skills quickly anywhere you feel inspired. After all, you never know where the inspiration to get better at playing your guitar will strike, and a set of interactive video guitar lessons lets you truly grow your guitar skills quickly anywhere you can watch video. In fact, you could load up your video guitar lessons on your laptop and go out to a park or an outdoor garden to create an isolated environment that lets you just focus on your music.

An isolated environment doesn't have to be a complete vacuum, however; in fact, the interactive portion of your new guitar lessons will usually be filled with questions that are designed to not only test your current guitar skills, but help you stay challenged and motivated to learn more and more about your chosen instrument.

It's important to mention that the major reason behind interactive video guitar lessons being the best way to really master the guitar is that you get the perfect blend of classroom and self-pacing. If you ever get stuck during a specific lesson, you can always replay that lesson until you have it mastered and then move on. Compare that to a classroom, where the music teacher often does not have time to stay on one subject too long before having to move forward. If you are a newcomer to the guitar, video guitar lessons will be one of the smartest investments you can make; you'll catch up with more experienced guitar players in no time due to being able to focus so deeply on one aspect of guitar playing before moving on to another aspect.

All things considered, interactive guitar lessons are a great way to grow your skills quickly. A good interactive guitar lesson course will unlock the potential you have inside yourself for total mastery of the guitar in no time at all -- get started today!

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Locating The Best Place For Song Downloads

What is it about song downloads that makes it so much fun to search for them? Is it because virtually every song imaginable is online in some form, typically through music stores, and record company websites? Or is it the fun of sharing music with friends, and family? Whatever the reason, song downloads are as popular now as they have ever been. Finding song downloads can be a difficult task if one does not know where to look. Further, song downloads can cost different amounts at different sites. Just like shopping for your favorite grocery item at the cheapest store possible, you should look for song downloads at the cheapest price online possible.

One place to check out all the latest song downloads is emusic, the place for independent, and rare songs. Similar to itunes, emusic offers it?s customers a special software application that helps them download songs fast. The best part of emusic is the price per download. Typically a music download will cost anywhere from 75 cents to 1 dollar. At emusic the cost is only 25 cents, and some are even less than that.

Another great place to download music is itunes. What might be the most popular song download site on the net today, itunes is a true winner. Virtually any music that is available for download on the internet today is available on itunes. The site offers users an easy to use interface for downloading music, and makes the art of getting your favorite song downloads as easy as can be.

Whatever site you choose to use, it is important to keep in mind that price is an issue. Many companies offer free trails, or free song downloads in a move to entice users to join their service. It is extremely important to compare these services and prices before signing on for any given program. Some services are priced by category, others are priced by year, and yet others are priced in bulk. This makes for a confusing, and sometimes tedious process of finding the best deal.

One way to find the best deal is to utilize review oriented websites, like Review Place. When looking for song downloads sites, Review Place offers unbiased customer reviews of the best websites and services on the net today. Combining the ease of use with the valuable customer ratings that it provides, Review Place makes choosing the right site for song downloads as easy as pie.

The key to getting the best song downloads is finding a service that is right for you. Many people enjoy the newest hits, or the biggest names, and thus want a service that will provide such a service. Others are more interested in value, and finding undiscovered acts. For them a service that specializes in this would make more sense. So, it is important to research exactly what you are looking for in terms of song downloads, and then try to review the various services offered by all companies that fit your criteria.

It is also important to research what it is that you can do with the songs you download. Some song downloads are protected, and only for use on your computer for as long as you pay your monthly service fee. Others are instantly available for you to keep, burn to CD, transfer to a portable device, and so forth. Whatever the method that works for you when it comes to song downloads research will certainly pay dividends in the end.

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Weighing The Importance Of Music Teaching Resources

Music is said to be the language and voices of unexpressed words. Music is the unifying element that enables man to find adequate expression for his inner feelings.

However, without proper knowledge and basic understanding about music, the rationale is futile. Who would teach a music learner who craves for comprehension of musical notes and staffs?

The emergence of music teachers solved the predicament. These professionals serve as the main educators in influential music genre. Nevertheless, being an agent of music is a hard task. Therefore, sufficient resources are essential for teachers who wish to excel in the field. An instructor who has insufficient knowledge and training in music is like a single-blinded figure.

Various music teaching resources are available in the internet to provide ample materials geared to develop intelligent appreciation and genuine interest in music. It presents guidelines and course of actions that could help music teachers in their chosen endeavors. It supplies the needed information and principles for the betterment of music learning.

Meanwhile, there also some websites that offers help in managing music studios.
Just imagine the intricate experiences that many music teachers are going through. From planning lessons, schedules and even billing the students, one may not perform these things without gathering the needed resources on the internet.

Music teacher resources materialize in various forms and ways. It can either be in the form of musical gadgets, methods, materials, and techniques needed in the varied range of musical activities.

However, even though there are different methods and techniques in music teaching, there is no considered definite approach, which can be regarded as the best. James Murcell in his book, Music Education: Principles and Programs, stated, ?There is no standard best procedure for teaching music. Any method, even your own invention, so long as the desired mental effect is produced, is acceptable because in the teaching of music, reading notes can be syllabus, numbers, and letters.?

Music, as an academic discipline nowadays, plays as vital part in the renewed education program. Therefore, music teaching resources must also have a linkage to the preceding and subsequent lessons to ensure effective learning. It should be utilize in the most possible extensive treatments.

It is essential to purposively break the larger unit task into sub-tasks for a convenient lesson guide or lesson plan. The topic outline should not be fixed, obligatory or requisite.

The arrangement is not a rigid formula but rather a suggestion to be handed out with suppleness. The discipline for study must be deductive and follows the principle of from ?easy to difficult? and from ?earliest to the present?.

Music educators and aficionados maintain this guiding principle in their profession.

Truly, music teacher contributes to educational enhancement of man. It was proved by brilliant achievements of musical groups and chorale. Music education helps the music learner to discover, improve, create, and improvise. This was achieved through the accompaniment of music teaching resources.

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Succeed In The Music Business With Crazy Keywords

What is more important in today's music business?

A.) Having a great sound?

B.) Executing a great marketing strategy?

If you chose "B", you may be on your way to stardom. In today's music business, having an effective web marketing strategy can make the difference between you being a local, national or international music star.

A key element in your web marketing strategy should be the selection of your bands name. Why? Because your bands name will also become your bands keyword on the Internet.

I'm sure you've heard of references to AOL Keywords, but AOL isn't the only place where people use keywords for search. Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK and many other search engines use keywords to help millions of people find what they are looking for on-line.

If someone is looking for information about your band on the Internet, they are most likely, going to type your bands name into a search engine. When the search engine returns the results, you'll want your website, or your myspace page to be in the top of the listings.

My suggestion is to choose a crazy (or very creative) keyword. A crazy band name, when used as a keyword, will help your listings in search engines beyond your wildest imagination.

For example, let's examine two keywords for two music acts - "Panic At the Disco", a rock band and "Algebra" a soul and r&b group.

When I Googled Panic at the Disico, Google returned 10,300,000 results. On the first page of Googles search results, every listing led me to information about the rock band, Panic At the Disco.

The very first Google listing, for Panic at the Disco, was for the bands video "It's Better If You Do".

The second listing for Panic at the Disco was their bands website, .

The third result was Panic At the Disco at .

The fourth result was Panic at the Discos' myspace page.

Fith was Panic at the Disco lyrics.

Get the picture? The first page in Googles' search results was all Panic at the Disco. Panic at the Disco is on an Indie Label.

Now let's briefly look a Algebra, a R&B Group on a Major Label.

I Googled Algebra, and you can guess my results. The term "Algebra" returned 86,000,000 results in Google. Algebra, the R&B Group wasn't listed anywhere in the first 10 pages of results. Most people doing searches will not dig past page two - in any search engine. The likelihood of the R&B Group Algebra, having any success on the Internet (from a marketing stand-point) is very slim.

So the lesson to be learned here is: choose a crazy or creative keyword and band name. With a crazy keyword people can find you easily on the Internet and that can improve your on-line marketing efforts by over 100%

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The Ipod Add Ons – Ecosystem

With the popularity of the iPod exploding, this has led to an explosion in the iPod add on market. There are new companies as well as older companies that have got into the business of finding and making new iPod add ons. And as you could imagine this business is booming. Since there are so many IPods around you have to find a way to change their appearance. This will allow everyone to know which IPod is theirs and also makes each IPod cool. With all the accessories like docking stations, speakers and you can't forget headphones this has allowed each iPod user a way to customize and accessorize their iPod.

There are those who are the techies that find their own kind of upgrades that allow for power boosting, that a recharging and plug-ins. This iPod add on business is quite large. There are hundreds of companies that have joined the market. This business made nearly a $1,000,000,000 a year with online sales. A lot of that was spent in the hardware arena.

There are clothing lines that have pockets that will fit the various generations of IPods end this business is doing well also. Then there are belts and straps that allow the iPod user to fasten their IPods two either their arms or wrist. Now you have to remember that the IPods is nothing without content.

Products and suppliers

The online suppliers provide videos, music and other types of content to download to the IPods and its related content carriers. The newest generation IPods, fifth generation, has a video component and 20 GB hard drive that really expands the type of content that you can download. Some add ons that everyone can use are like calendars, comics and small programs. There are some entrepreneurs that have become information suppliers.

The special needs of the iPod user is being met by online downloads. There are iPod add ons, that will direct you to places to eat. For example, say you are an New York City you can be assisted with a downloadable utility called piPod, this works with google maps to help direct the hungry IPod user to the closest pizza place. This one utility reviews different restaurants in all of the five boroughs and was downloaded more than 1300 times the first year. Another universal iPod and on is the pocket bar and grill that allows the iPod to have hundreds of recipes for mixed drinks and gourmet dishes.

There is another iPod add on called the wiPod which shows the availability of wi-fi hot spots for an area that you choose. Just select the state and download the iPod add on. Now while these iPod add ons are terrifically unexpected in their range, you have to remember that this is just the beginning. As more and more people begin to think about what they need the future capacity and the abilities of the iPod add ons is going to grow. As a necessity in today's world the iPod add ons will make the iPod the device as important as the air that we breathe and the water we drink.

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